You Are Not Alone


“You Are Not Alone” was produced by Motion State Media to raise awareness for the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs and to promote other forms of treatment for anxiety and depression.

I’m honored to say “Letting Go” was featured as the main theme music behind this short film and I even got to play a small part in it, which meant a lot to me, having gone through anxiety myself.

Please help raise awareness and promote this for the benefit of others you know that experience the effects of anxiety and depression.

I Never Thought It’d Happen to Me Like This



So I’ve been working on this song (“Leveled”). I feel like it’s a pretty intense track (or it will be). It’s basically about the struggles of life, anxiety over it not being a very long thing and fighting with yourself to assume a viewpoint of being able to control and command things during the time you have it.

I feel like it’s definitely a thing that’s super real for me and probably will be for others. At times you feel like you just don’t know what the fuck is going on, but the reality (something fortunate, if you think about it), is Continue reading

Jaem – Put Down Your Cards


“Put Down Your Cards”, a hybrid dubstep/rock single, is comprised of a hauntingly intense vocal performance followed by a devastating, crushing synth-line with chopped up vox samples. Feelings of curiosity and regret resound in the verses, while an ambient electric piano explores the boundaries of a vast alone and empty space.