I Never Thought It’d Happen to Me Like This



So I’ve been working on this song (“Leveled”). I feel like it’s a pretty intense track (or it will be). It’s basically about the struggles of life, anxiety over it not being a very long thing and fighting with yourself to assume a viewpoint of being able to control and command things during the time you have it.

I feel like it’s definitely a thing that’s super real for me and probably will be for others. At times you feel like you just don’t know what the fuck is going on, but the reality (something fortunate, if you think about it), is Continue reading


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Hey, so this is me, redoing my site again.
(& that’s me and my dearly departed, Smokey, above at a Starbucks. [photo cred: Michela Marchesi])
It’s probably the 5th time but you know. It’s hard for an artist (and developer) to choose his own shit.
I’ll try to make posts every now and then but I’m not much of a writer so don’t hold your breath between posts.
In case you didn’t know…
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